Winnemucca Lake Hike July 2013

IMGP6743  On July 27, 2013, John, Therisa, Carol and I went for a hike that started at the Carson Pass. IMGP6744  The trail from Carson Pass to beautiful 9,000 foot Winnemucca Lake is an area favorite, known for its gorgeous wildflowers and excellent views. IMGP6745  The moderate 4.2 mile round trip hike begins with a gentle climb through the forest featuring filtered glimpses of Round Top Mountain. IMGP6747  The trail gets a bit rocky and there is some elevation gain too. IMGP6748  One of my favorite photo subjects are deal tree roots.
IMGP6749  However this twisted live tree was really interesting too. IMGP6750  This is a great hike for photographers, because of the picture perfect scenery, and people with dogs, because of the small elevation change and rewarding sights. IMG 0972  Carol and I bring up the rear of our hiking party. IMG 0976  And, yes, that's me with my new blond hair. IMGP6752  Our first sighting of Round Top Mountain.
IMGP6753  About a half mile into the hike, Frog Lake will appear on your left, marking the end of the elevation change. There were a lot of hikers out today. IMGP6757  When you get back on the trail from Frog Lake, you can see Caples Lake toward the west. IMGP6755  Carson Pass is at about 8500 feet and Lake Winnemucca at 9000, so there's not much climbing. IMGP6756  And it flattens out once you get past Frog Lake. IMGP6758  It's here before Winnemucca Lake that you get treated to the wildflower show.
IMGP6760  Lupin, Indian Paintbrush, and more IMGP6761  A closer look IMGP6764  And closer still IMGP6833  The colors are so varied. IMGP6765  Carol gets a shot by the stream.
IMGP6766  John too IMGP6767  This flat topped granite rock almost looks like a tree stump. IMGP6769  This rock was no match for Mother Nature's forces. IMGP6770  Purple and pink parade together IMGP6768  It's a nice pink paintbrush (can't find the real name).
IMGP6827  A more salmon colored one IMG 0985  John got this great close up. IMGP6772  This is called Applegate Paintbrush. IMGP6771  John waiting for me to finish taking pictures with Round Top Mountain in the background. IMGP6773  We get a glimpse of Winnemucca Lake.
IMGP6776  I really did this hike. IMGP6777  There are a few marked camping spots around the lake. IMGP6779  We head for a spot for lunch. IMGP6781  This looks like a good place to eat lunch. IMGP6782  After our noonday meal, we head up to continue our hike.
IMGP6783  Carol is nervous about crossing the stream on a log. IMGP6784  Come on, you can do it! IMGP6785  Oh boy, a dead stump! IMGP6819  We decided to take the trail up to Round Top Lake. IMGP6786  The trail climbs fairly steeply.
IMGP6787  It's the end of July and there is still some snow up there. IMGP6788  Do you see the pig and the kangaroo? IMGP6792  We walk by another nice stream. IMGP6793  The trail passes by some barren areas too, IMGP6794  We turned around and looked back at Winnemucca Lake.
IMGP6795  And the trail kept going UP. IMGP6802  But the view and flowers are so beautiful. IMGP6796  Looks like a Lupine. IMGP6797  A nice combo including daisies and Brewer's Lupine. IMGP6798  Monkey Flower
IMG 1004  I think these are called Rangers Buttons. IMG 1007  These are about done. IMGP6799  Pride of the Mountain and Lupine IMG 0998  A nice light purple daisy pair IMGP6800  Gorgeous dark  purple daisy
IMGP6803  The elements cut the trail deeper. IMGP6804  Round Top Lake IMGP6807  The elevation here is 9600 feet. IMGP6808  No wonder we had a hard time with catching our breath. IMGP6809  The flowers are still breathtaking.
IMGP6810  Lupine and yellow daisies IMG 0979  John got this close up of Lupine. IMGP6812  Me and John (with my camera) IMG 1010  With John's camera IMGP6813  We meet lots of other hikers on our way back.
IMGP6814  We stop for another view of Winnemucca Lake.  We did a bit of climbing to get to Round Top Lake from there. IMGP6815  The 4 hikers!  John, Therisa, Carol and Donna IMG 1013  It's so much easier going down. IMGP6817  Back to Winnemucca Lake IMGP6818  Back over the log bridge (it's scarier going this direction because the log is narrower).
IMG 1022  I had my issues with going this direction too. IMGP6820  Cool dead trees IMGP6822  Figure this one out! IMGP6829  Back to the stream IMGP6830  John takes a shot of a butterfly.
IMG 1038  Here it is. IMGP6823  We saw quite a few Clark's Nutcrackers. IMGP6824  My little point and shoot camera zooms pretty well. IMGP6826  They are high elevation birds, related to jays and crows.