Utah Dec 2015

We went to Utah to see the grandkids and visit with Valeri and Bob
DSC 4750  On our way to Utah, we saw a herd of Big Horn Sheep on the mountain adjacent to Walker Lake. DSC 4752  I've never seen them in the wild before. DSC 4732  The ones by our house are very elusive. DSC 4743  A baby DSCN4045  On our way to St. George, Utah. DSCN4085  Love all the red rock.
DSCN4084  My niece, Valeri, and her husband, Bob, bought a house in St. George, UT. DSCN4040  It had been a rental for 10 years, so needed work. DSCN4039  Bob is doing the work himself.  The kitchen has new cabinets and countertops. DSCN4035  He also made the stools himself. DSCN4041  He decorated the 1/2 bath off the laundry room.  The corregated tin is like a window shade. DSCN4042  He used a rusty barrel for the sink stand.
DSCN4043  Here is a better shot.  He had to cut off the back a little bit. DSCN4044  He used the excess barrel back to make this cross scultpure.  It is lit up inside. DSCN4076  They have 2 cats.  This is Seven, who is a Bengal. 20151230 175609  Seven with a basket on his head DSCN4030  Seven feels at home anywhere. 20151230 185443  John feeding popcorn to Seven
20151230 185456  Seven and popcorn 20151230 191107  Seven on his cat tree 20151230 191115  What was that??? DSCN4033  He found my weaving. DSCN4034  Dude you are busted. DSCN4073  Their other kitty is Hannah,  She is a Siamese Sphinx (hairless) cat.
DSCN4123  She has her winter coat of down.  Sorry about the blur. DSCN4124  She also has a weight problem. DSCN4126  Does this head make my body look fat? DSCN4074  Bob made this and gifted it to us. DSCN4080  On Dec 31st, Bob decided to install the backsplash tile in the kitchen. DSCN4081  Seven is his helper.
DSCN4082  The garage, which is really a workshop.  I thought garages were for cars, but apparently not. 20151230 112050  Hermie's Diner.  John and I went there before visiting his kids in Enoch, UT. 20151230 122543  Rick and Allison's house in Enoch, UT 20151230 130739  Alllison 20151230 140744  Left to right: Patrick, John, Kelly (with yellow bow in her hair), Allison, Rick and Lila 20151230 141236  Patrick, Allisonm John and Lila
DSCN4046  Allison and Lila.  Lila will be 4 in February. DSCN4047  Kelly, Allison and Lila DSCN4049  Birthday girl with her crown. She turned 7 on Dec 31st. DSCN4050  Grandpa and Lila DSCN4053  Daddy and silly Lila DSCN4051  Patrick, John, Allision, Kelly, Rick and Lila
DSCN4055  John with his kids, Patrick and Allison. DSCN4057  Patrick holding Lila, Allison hanging on to Kelly, John and me! DSCN4061  Mommy, I found a blue marking pen. DSCN4063  Somebody is getting new teeth. DSCN4069  Grandpa and Kelly discuss math. DSCN4070  The math discussion continues.
DSCN4072  Goldie Blox has a series of dolls and engineering problems for girls to solve. DSCN4067  Kelly got one that taught about gravity by having the doll on a zip line. DSCN4060  Kelly knew what gravity is. DSCN4066  Grandpa and Kelly work out the pulley issues togther. DSCN4064  And there it goes! DSCN4086  Dec 31st is Kelly's birthday.  She chose to go to this museum.
DSCN4089  We pay the entry fee at the cashier area. DSCN4090  The gift shop has some cool things. DSCN4092  They found fossil tracks on this guy's farm. DSCN4091  Kelly and the dino tracks, DSCN4094  Checking out the lab. DSCN4096  Nobody was in there.
DSCN4097  Roar! DSCN4098  Lila and Kelly with their dino buddy. DSCN4088  There is an outdoor playyard for the kids. DSCN4099  You can picnic there too.  It was too cold for that. DSCN4102  Grandpa helps the girls dig for fossils. DSCN4101  They get right on it.
DSCN4104  There is another larger sandbox with "fossils" planted in the sand. DSCN4105  Grandpa and Kelly, the paleontologists. DSCN4107  After the museum, we went back to Allison and Rick's house so the girls could open presents. DSCN4109  They got some clothes for Christmas. DSCN4110  Kelly got more engineering dolls and science books from Grandpa for her birthday. DSCN4113  And of course she wants to play with them right away
DSCN4114  She can read the directions herself. DSCN4115  Grandpa helps too. DSCN4116  I got this, Grandpa. DSCN4119  Meanwhile, Bob is working on the kitchen backsplash. DSCN4120  It came out nice.  Has to give it a day before putting in the grout. DSCN4122  We had pizza and salad for New Year's Eve dinner.
DSCN4127  On New Year's Day, Valeri made pancakes for breakfast. DSCN4129  Thank you, Val and Bob, for letting us stay with you. DSCN4130  On our way home we stopped in Beatty in the Oasis Valley. DSCN4131  John wanted to stop at Ammo Can-o-rama. DSCN4132  But alas, they didn't have the ones he wanted.