UU Artisan Faire

I was selected to sell my telephone wire baskets at the Unitarian Universalist Artisan Faire.
DSCN3921  The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship buliding is the location for the artisan faire they have had for the last 22 years. DSCN3922  You walk in to a foyer and then the main part of the building. DSCN3923  This is my display table. DSCN3924  I had a few different sizes to sell. DSCN3925  These three range from a 3" diameter to an 8" diameter. DSCN3926  The three 6" shallow bowls to the right all sold.
DSCN3920  This one didn't sell which was ok by me. DSCN3927  There were 30 vendors.  This photo is during set up the night before the faire. DSCN3930  Teri sold these beautiful mosaic pieces. DSCN3928  There was lots of jewelry for sale. DSCN3929  More beautiful stuff. DSCN3931  I'm ready to go.  Will behind me sold photographs.
DSCN3932  Other vendors had reed baskets, wood carved items, knitted scarves and hats and much more. DSCN3933  My inventory is selling down. DSCN3934  I hesitated to put this one out because it was one of my favorites.  But I did and it sold. DSCN3935  Out of 35 baskets, this is what was left at the end of the 2nd day.  Addison helped me both days.