Thanksgiving 2014

DSC 4206  Thanksgiving was at Corey's house in Jackson, CA this year. DSC 4207  It's a big comfortable place. DSC 4205  With a nice kitchen DSC 4208  The master bedroom is set up for the masters-Corey and his kitties. DSC 4209  They are well taken care of.
DSC 4202  The house is on a hill, so the main floor is actually above the secondary living area. DSC 4203  He has fenced off the deck so the kitties can go outside safely. DSC 4204  It's a huge space for them. DSC 4166  Rocky BBQ'd the turkey. DSC 4167  He also made marianated BBQ'd salmon for us non-turkey types.
DSC 4169  Come and get it! DSC 4170  Rocky made veggie and non veggie dressing and gravy. DSC 4171  My family DSC 4172  From the other side. DSC 4178  Corey has 2 Bengal cats.
DSC 4176  This is Nala.  She likes to bite her fur off. DSC 4177  But she also likes to play. DSC 4183  We only saw Nala because her brother Jeffie hid the whole time.  He thinks strangers suck. DSC 4184  Grandma holds Nala.  She is not amused. DSC 4185  Put MMMEEEE DDDDOOOOWWWWNNN NNNNOOOWWW!!!
DSC 4186  After a big meal, people veg. DSC 4187 DSC 4190  Addison enjoys some tea. DSC 4192  The downstairs area was set up for ping pong.  Tom and Shire play a game. DSC 4193  I used to play ping pong with Tom when he was Shire's age.
DSC 4196  Family portrait. DSC 4198  From left to right: Rocky, Shire, Dee, Tom, Barbara, Addison, Corey, Me, John and Kyle and Alex are on the top.  That's Bill Murray on Kyle's shirt. DSC 4200  Shire and Alex DSC 4201  This is in commemoration of when Alex held Shire at age 1 1/2 at Thanksgiving and she cried. DSC 4210  I didn't play this but it's a bad version of Apples to Apples.
DSC 4214  Alex went home Thursday night and Therisa came with Andre and his girlfriend, Amanda. DSC 4215  There were plenty of leftovers for a second (and third and fourth and fifth) meal. DSC 4217  After lunch, we went to the Indian Grinding Rock park. DSC 4219  It is about 15 minutes from Corey's house. DSC 4220  It's $8 a carload to get in.
DSC 4221  We visited the museum first. DSC 4222 DSC 4223  They had some great displays. DSC 4224 DSC 4227  They also had interactive models.
DSC 4228  This is a drill. DSC 4229  Rocky tries a grinding rock, DSC 4230  Next we went to the actual display grinding rock area. DSC 4231  It would have been nice to picnic had it been a bit warmer. DSC 4233  The Acorn Woodpeckers have visited.
DSC 4232  Let's go see the actual grinding rocks. DSC 4234  The Indians were quite busy at this spot, DSC 4235  The platform lets you check it out. DSC 4236  View from the platform. DSC 4240
DSC 4237  This is Spartacus.  She was rescued from a shelter. DSC 4241  Dee gives her some attention. DSC 4244  This is prime oak country. DSC 4243  They get really big. DSC 4260  Kyle tries to climb it.
DSC 4261  Then John uses his bouldering techniques to climb it. DSC 4262  He said it was too scary to go any higher. DSC 4245  I took some portraits in the teepee area. DSC 4246  Andre and Amanda DSC 4248  Andre
DSC 4249  Andre and Amanda DSC 4251  Lovebirds DSC 4254  Barbara and her boys DSC 4255  They are making fun of her squinty smile. DSC 4256  Kyle, Barbara and Corey.  Kyle just got accepted for a paid internship with a movie studio in Montreal to work on computer graphics.
DSC 4259  John and I DSC 4257  Guess who DSC 4263  There was a nature trail that we explored. DSC 4266  It was an adventure DSC 4275  There were lots of mushrooms in the forest.
DSC 4274  Reminded me of little gnome villages. DSC 4271  I liked this shot. DSC 4273  These looked like different types. DSC 4283  And this was altogether different. DSC 4272  This one too.
DSC 4278  This tree had interesting bark. DSC 4277  see DSC 4279  These logs had an interesting lichen pattern. DSC 4281  A closer look DSC 4282  Some of the trail was very steep.
DSC 4285  This tree had an interesting lichen growth. DSC 4286  A closer look DSC 4287  Back at the museum we saw this unusual monument to the Indians. DSC 4288  Family portrait- Dee, Tom and Shire DSC 4289  Our next stop was a town called Volcano.
DSC 4290  This is the first thing you come across when you enter Volcano. DSC 4291  The hotel is a biker haven. DSC 4292  An old fashioned phone booth DSC 4294  A special message DSC 4295  The town is named for its setting in a bowl-shaped valley which early miners thought was caused by a volcano
DSC 4296  It was a gold mining town. DSC 4297  In 1851 a post office was established and by April 1852 there were 300 houses. DSC 4298  That's a long time for one owner to own a business. DSC 4299  The general store DSC 4300  Recycling is alive!
DSC 4301  By 1853 the flats and gulches swarmed with men, and there were 11 stores, 6 hotels, 3 bakeries, and 3 saloons. DSC 4302  Too bad they were closed for the day. DSC 4303  Nothing better than Bavarian beer. DSC 4304  The Bavarian Brewery DSC 4305  Couldn't help take a shot of the fall colors.
DSC 4306  Our group increased the population of the town by 20%! DSC 4308  The art gallery DSC 4312  Amanda, Andre and Therisa DSC 4314  Our next stop was Sutter Creek. DSC 4317  It was all decked out for Christmas.
DSC 4316  It has lots of fun shops. DSC 4318  ...with cute displays DSC 4319  and interesting wares DSC 4320  I liked the piano globe. DSC 4321  Dee checks out the fun stuff in this store.
DSC 4327  It's like exploring an old house. DSC 4332  And they had a special Christmas room. DSC 4322  They had a garden area out back. DSC 4324  There were cute bonsai displays for sale. DSC 4325
DSC 4329  My bicycle shot. DSC 4330  The storm is coming in. DSC 4331  Cool old car DSC 4336  We came home Saturday and somebody was glad to see us,