Thanksgiving 2013

DSC 2348  Time for Thanksgiving at Casa de Ballard. DSC 2336  Rocky BBQd the turkey. DSC 2332  Barbara makes the mashed potatoes. DSC 2338  And the yams DSC 2327  Addison prepares to make the stuffing after having some wine.
DSC 2329  Rocky makes the gravy. DSC 2331  Addison made this chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  Oh baby! DSC 2328  Alex just saw the pie. DSC 2324  Barbara likes what she sees. DSC 2339  It's the food.
DSC 2341  I hope you are hungry. DSC 2342  Let's eat! DSC 2343  Jeffrey, Devyn and Alex fill their plates. DSC 2344  John and Dee go for it too DSC 2346  Rocky took the picture.  Left and around the table: Devyn, Jeffrey, Nicki, Alex, Donna, John, Corey, Barbara, Mom, Shire, Dee, Tom, Addison, Kyle
DSC 2347  Now it's time for the name quiz..... DSC 2389  On Saturday morning, John and I took Tom, Dee and Shire to Great Basin Pottery DSC 2351  It's near the town of Doyle, CA, but not really in any town. DSC 2353  John loves this place. DSC 2355  We were greeted by Cody and Tyco.
DSC 2357  Paul Herman, the potter, always has lots of pottery on display. DSC 2359  If he's not home, you can leave your check or cash in an envelope and take your treasures home. DSC 2360  There are always plenty of choices. DSC 2362  Paul's workmanship is superb. DSC 2363  It's tempting to buy everything.
DSC 2364  Today was the kiln opening.  People came to buy things fresh out of the oven! DSC 2366  He just laid it all out on the table.  I love the coffee mugs. DSC 2367  Paul Herman and his special plate he made for the Wild River Grille restaurant in Reno. DSC 2368  Paul made 8 dinner plates and 8 salad plates.  They were for sale for $35 each and a lady bought them all. DSC 2369  We bought this platter.  The brown is decomposed granite.
DSC 2365  He made a lot of things with this design. DSC 2371  Just gorgeous.  She already bought it. DSC 2374  Tyco does the cute dog pose while Cody takes a nap. DSC 2376  The guys hold on to their treasures. DSC 2377  Tom and Tyco
DSC 2379  Shire and Cody DSC 2380  Dee wanted a photo with the kiln DSC 2381  So Tyco became a member of the family (temporarily). DSC 2382  Dee and both puppies DSC 2383  Cody wants a kiss.
DSC 2384  So Dee accomodates. DSC 2385  Paul has be perfecting his craft for over 30 years. DSC 2386  Fabulous DSC 2352  Tom and Shire check out the big wood burning kiln. DSC 2387  Paul fires it up other times of the year.
DSC 2388  The inside DSC 2358  Paul's workhouse DSC 2390  Plenty of new things to make DSC 2392  This building and land is next door and Paul bought them a few years ago. DSC 2393  Can you guess what it is?
DSC 2394  It was a greenhouse. DSC 2395  They grew grapes here.  Imagine that! DSC 2391  Happy Thanksgiving!