Tahoe Rim Trail Trial Run

The Adventure Club has set a goal of hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in increments. A couple of us did a scouting hike on April 24th.
selfie  The diehards from the Adventure Club wanted to test drive the Tahoe Rim Trail. DSCN4447  Cynthis, Andy, John and I load up our snowshoes to start our hike. DSCN4448  We parked near a river. DSCN4449  The hike started out on a paved road. DSCN4450  We quickly found the trailhead. DSCN4451  And we found the Tahoe Rim Trail marker too.
DSCN4453  I was surprised to see the manzanita in bloom. DSCN4455  Andy carried 40 lbs of water to build strength. DSCN4456  Time to put on the snowshoes DSCN4457  Ok, so where are we? IMG 4411  Andy, Cynthia and I are almost to Page Meadows. IMG 4414  John, me and Cynthia
IMG 4418  John between two beautiful women. IMG 4419  Finally, a smile from John. DSCN4458  Looking out on a stream. DSCN4460  If you hear a cracking sound.....run! DSCN4461  We made it to Page Meadows, 1.5 miles in. IMG 4406  Cynthia searches for another trail marker.
IMG 4408  I think it's over there. IMG 4409  We give up.  Big storm clouds are above us. IMG 4420  Celebrating with beer in a Tahoe City brewpub.