TRT trail run 5.15.2016

Tahoe Rim Trail
DSCN4521  Hey kids, let's hike the Tahoe Rim Trail. DSCN4508  On May 15, 2016, we hiked from the 64 acre park in Tahoe City to get on the Tahoe Rim Trail. DSCN4510  We came across a "rest stop" and were visited by a herd of dogs. DSCN4511  Carol and Zeus cross the bridge. IMG 1932  Zeus helps me across. DSCN4513  Donna, Cynthia, Andy and Lee-the TMCC Adventure club founders.
DSCN4514  Our first marker DSCN4515  We followed the marker's advice. DSCN4517  If the signs aren't enough, the hoodoos told us to keep going down the trail. DSCN4518  Snow Plant (Sarcodes sanguinea)  It is only found in CA, NV and OR. DSCN4519  Snow plant is the unlikely relation of such shrubs as manzanita, madroño, laurel, and azalea DSCN4534  Snow plant has no chlorophyll; it derives nutrition from fungi underneath the soil, and for this reason the plant is called "mycotrophic".
DSCN4549  This one is peeking out from some bark. DSCN4531  Orange Peel fungus,  It grows from 6800 to 8000 feet in elevation. DSCN4520  We are on our way to Paige Meadows. DSCN4522  There was some pretty good uphill on the trail. DSCN4523  And there is still some snow left. DSCN4525  Manzanita in bloom
DSCN4527  Carol poses by the snow patch. DSCN4528  A nice clearing DSCN4529  This is how far we've come so far. IMG 1942  The leaders of the pack stop for a photo. DSCN4530  And this is where we are going.  Cynthia left her car at Ward Creek Road. DSCN4535  We start to get into the snowier parts of the trail.
DSCN4537  Some of it is fairly deep. DSCN4536  Cynthia walks over the top of it. DSCN4538  Here's a pretty deep area. DSCN4539  We had to walk on this narrow ridge of snow. DSCN4540  Like this. DSCN4543  We came across this hydrology marker.
DSCN4544  And this sign telling you the coordinates. DSCN4542  Melanoleuca (mushroom) DSCN4545  Agaricus silvicola DSCN4546  Not sure about this one. DSCN4547  A boggy meadow DSCN4550  Andy consults his new GPS.
DSCN4552  A tree fell aross the trail. DSCN4551  Some of us go over it and some around it. DSCN4553  And then there is more snow. DSCN4554  The streamers on the trees let us know we are still on the trail. DSCN4555  A sweet waterfall DSCN4556  This is our shower water this summer....snow melt.
DSCN4557  Carol and Zeus check out the stream. DSCN4558  Zeus is looking for handouts. DSCN4560  I wonder if this is the same fallen tree we saw last time. DSCN4561  We came across this little bridge near Paige Meadows. DSCN4562  Cynthia wants to see what's on the other side. DSCN4563  We eye it suspiciously.
DSCN4564  John braves the bridge. DSCN4565  Oops. DSCN4566  He makes it back safely. IMG 1946  Steady as he goes. DSCN4569  I show them all how it's done. DSCN4570  We end up on the road to get to Cynthia's car.
DSCN4572  Since we didn't follow the trail completely, our 5 mile hike was 6.75 miles.  We were sure glad to see the car! IMG 1950  How are we all gonna fit in there?  That's my fanny pack under my jacket. DSCN4573  We didn't have enough room in the car, so we packed Lee in the trunk. DSCN4575  Back at the 64 Acre parking lot, Andy and John toast to a good hike. DSCN4586  We headed to the Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company for lunch. DSCN4576  The hikers celebrate.
DSCN4577  Let me try this beer. DSCN4578  Yuck.  I hate beer.  Cynthia likes hers. DSCN4579  Lake Tahoe and a nice park were right across the street. DSCN4582  Somebody made this rock maze. DSCN4584  Looks like another one is getting started. DSCN4583  There is more water in the lake this year.  And we need it!
DSCN4585  The beautiful ending to a beautiful day.