Snowshoeing Feb 7, 2016

We went showshoeing with some folks from work.
DSCN4177  Ler's go snowshoeing! DSCN4162  John, Cynthia and Lee get ready to put on their snowshoes. DSCN4163  With a tug here and there, we are ready to go. IMG 4276  Cynthia, Donna and Lee IMG 4278  John, Cynthia, Donna and Lee DSCN4164  It's a snowy wonderland.
DSCN4165  The way to Marlette Lake is buried. IMG 4282  Cynthia and Donna stop to take a shot of the Marlette Lake sign. IMG 4280  Here they are closer. DSCN4166  Andy and Cynthia near the edge of Spooner Lake. DSCN4168  Making our way around the lake. DSCN4169  Cynthia goes down.
DSCN4170  Happy Valentines Day. DSCN4171  Over the river and through the woods...... DSCN4172  Kind of a challenge IMG 4285  Donna in the woods IMG 4289  Donna on the lake's edge. IMG 4286  A closer shot (John took these)
IMG 4291  Back at the truck, we get ready for lunch. IMG 4290  Andy gives his best welcoming face. DSCN4173  John has his reward for a hard days work. DSCN4174  Andy cooks the brats.  He says they taste better with beer. DSCN4175  The master bar-be-quer. DSCN4178  Cave man style-no utensils.