Owens Valley Petroglyphs

DSC 2579  A couple of days after Christmas 2013, we drove down to Bishop for a day drive. DSC 2581  We stopped by this canyon for a peek. DSC 2583  John's little car looks out at the valley. DSC 2584  The bushes are in winter drab mode. DSC 2586  Looking east at the white mountains
DSC 2587  Looking west at the canyon and the Sierra Nevada.  Not much snow for December. DSC 2588  After bopping around Bishop, we went into the Owens Valley and went up this trail. DSC 2592  My injured finger and I made the trip up the steep trail. DSC 2623  On the top of the mesa, it's really rocky. DSC 2612  It was warm enough to peel off one of my layers.
DSC 2596  We found these fantastic petroglyphs up in the rocks. DSC 2605  No one really know what all the symbols mean. DSC 2606  Maybe they were just doodling. DSC 2607  It wasn't that easy to get up here to doodle. DSC 2593  Let's take a closer look at some of the rock art.
DSC 2609 DSC 2608 DSC 2598 DSC 2599 DSC 2594
DSC 2601  It's like looking at amoebas under a microscope. DSC 2602 DSC 2615 DSC 2616 DSC 2617
DSC 2621 DSC 2620  Outer space creatures are not out of the question. DSC 2622 DSC 2626 DSC 2627
DSC 2628 DSC 2629  Maybe it's a treasure map. DSC 2633 DSC 2634 DSC 2635
DSC 2636 DSC 2637 DSC 2638  Looks like a snake to me. DSC 2631 DSC 2632
DSC 2646  Getting down and out of there was interesting. DSC 2649  The trails kept petering out. DSC 2643  The route we found to get down was not how we got up to the rock art. DSC 2645  But it worked just fine. DSC 2642  Even with Christmas dinner in our bellies, we made it out of the slotted rock.
DSC 2640  We made it out before dark and home safely.