Mothers Day Weekend 2015

DSCN1423  Therisa and I drove to San Andreas CA to meet Barbara and Rocky on Saturday. DSCN1442  We went to the twice a year open house of PAWS. DSCN1443  It's a wildlofe sanctuary for performing non domesticated animals. DSCN1444  We planned to take Mom to this event, but she came with us in spirit instead. DSCN1424  We get checked in.  You had to make reservations in advance and they sold out of tickets a week before the event.
DSCN1425  They sold over 700 tickets. DSCN1448  I guess the facility may have had the name Ark in the past. DSCN1426  The first area was the bear sanctuary. DSCN1427  They hid food near the fence so people could see the bears. DSCN1428  This is Ben.
DSCN1429  He found a goodie bag in a tree. DSCN1430  Many of the animals were mistreated before they were rescued by PAWS. DSCN1432  Only 2 bears share an enclosure.  The rest have their own space. DSCN1431  One of the vending areas was near the bear enclosure. DSCN1433  They sold all kinds of goodies-t-shirts, jewelry, books, stuffed animals, etc.
DSCN1434  Across the way was the tiger enclosure. DSCN1435  Twin sisters lived together in this one. DSCN1436  They were rescued from a tiger hoarder who neglected them.  In some cases he didn't feed them and many died. DSCN1437  Besides donating money for the sanctuary, here are other donations people can make for the tigers. DSCN1438  The males were in another enclosure.  This is not a breeding facility, so males and females of any species are kept apart.
DSCN1441  Like my kitties they eat a little grass. DSCN1452  They had free shuttles to go see the elephant areas. DSCN1445  Thay have nice large enclosures. DSCN1447  The females are allowed to hang together. DSCN1449  this is Ed Stewart, the president and co-founder of the facility and also trains the elephants.
DSCN1450  He travels to other parts of the country to see if he chooses to rescue particular elephants. DSCN1451  Most of them were misfits at their circus jobs. DSCN1454  This is Nick. DSCN1455  He was supposed to be a circus elephant and was taught tricks when he was young. DSCN1456  But he didn't want to do them and would run into the crowd or out of the tent instead.
DSCN1459  So he was put in a 20X25 foot enclosure with another elephant for 8 years. DSCN1461  People were afraid of him and called him a "killer elephant". DSCN1468  When Ed went to see him, he knew Nick was not a problem elephant, just unhappy to be cooped up in a too small space. DSCN1470  So he was rescued and brought to this PAWS sanctuary. DSCN1476  This is Ed's nephew and Nick's trainer.
DSCN1481  He gave us a demo of how Nick was trained. DSCN1480  Fruit is a good enticement to learn behaviors. DSCN1482  One of the behaviors is putting his foot up on the fence. DSCN1483  Now the other one. DSCN1484  Cool, huh?
DSCN1485  Put your trunk up. DSCN1487  Very nice, Nick. DSCN1495  After the sancutary tour, we went to Sutter Creek, which is an old time town like Truckee. DSCN1494  We have pizza at Pizza Plus. DSCN1493  It's a nice place.
DSCN1488  They have a nice outdoor dining area. DSCN1489  We decided to eat in the outdoor area. DSCN1492  Enjoying our gigantic pizza. DSCN1496  We walked around the town and admired the flowers in bloom. DSCN1497  Rhododemdrums?
DSCN1498  Are these cool or what? DSCN1499 DSCN1541  I found out what they were at a nursery in Reno.  We can only grow the smaller ones in Nevada. DSCN1508  On Sunday, I met Roz, Therisa and Addison on Dickerson Road in Reno.  We checked out this place. DSCN1533  They were speciialists in succulents.
DSCN1534  This is a unique flower pot. DSCN1535  Even the tail lights have plants in them. DSCN1536  As well as their address sign. DSCN1503  The "showroom". DSCN1504  Lots of "babies".
DSCN1505  Very cute display DSCN1502  They have a gorgeous pond in the back. DSCN1500  Therisa, Addison and I by the back pond. DSCN1506  There is also a smaller pond near the entrance. DSCN1507  Besides succulents, this place sells pond fish.
DSCN1509  Me and Roz DSCN1511  Two beautiful women on Mother's Day. DSCN1537  Right across the street was a ceramics studio. DSCN1527  It's called Wedge. DSCN1523  It provides studio space for many artists.
DSCN1515  They had a lot of items for sale. DSCN1516  Some big and some small DSCN1518  Lots of coffee mugs. DSCN1531  And there was a good turnout. DSCN1512  You can find some really unique items.
DSCN1514  Gorgeous stuff DSCN1517  I really liked this big bowl. DSCN1519  And I thought this was also gorgeous. DSCN1520  Very unique DSCN1521  Almost too pretty to use!
DSCN1522  A little out of my price range though. DSCN1524  Now here's something everyone can use! DSCN1525  How about this guy! DSCN1526  This must have taken a lot of work. DSCN1528  There were some metal art pieces too.
DSCN1529  Very unusual. DSCN1530  Another unique piece DSCN1532  Down the street is another art display. DSCN1539  And further down the street is the Oxbow Cafe where Alex and I had lunch. DSCN1540  He also got me a card and some flowers .  Happy Mothers Day!