Great Basin National Park

IMGP6877  In mid-August, we went to Great Basin Natl Park in eastern NV. IMGP6891  We stayed at the Silver Jack Motel in Baker, NV. IMGP6889  It's located on the "busy" main highway. IMGP6989  Our room was part of a tri-plex trailer and had this lovely landscaping. IMGP6854  It was the only motel in Baker.  The next closest place was in Ely, an hour away.
IMGP6848  We got a double sized bed and a pretty Spartan room. IMGP6849  The bathroom was circa 1960. IMGP6851  Only the finest in plumbing. IMGP6850  Alll we could do was laugh about it. IMGP6988  One swamp cooler was pipped in to cool all 3 rooms.  No wonder it never really cooled down for us.
IMGP6855  This guy was right outside our trailer triplex. IMGP6870  The courtyard walkway led to the little restaurant. IMGP6987  Recycle and reuse-right? IMGP6984  Some facts of life IMGP6873  And some philosophy
IMGP6872  I've got one of these at home, but it's not painted. IMGP6878  The motel's little restaurant is the Rocking Lectrolux Cafe, which is open for breakfast and dinner. IMGP6884  It's pretty tight inside. IMGP6885  You can get stuff from the deli to take for lunch.  They had a really good selection of beer and wine too. IMGP6879  The Electroluxes are flying around inside (or just hanging from the ceiling).
IMGP6880 IMGP6881 IMGP6882  They made some pretty inventive things with them. IMGP6883  One girl ran the place and did all the cooking.  That's why no lunch was served-she was the maid too.  She deserves the tips. IMGP6886  It was hard to get the shot with the reflectioin.  It has 2 guns and it says "We don't call 911".
IMGP6887  Had to get a shot of the Happy Burro sign across the street. IMGP6890  There is some eastern type religion thing going on out here. IMGP6856  We did some exploring in the area. IMGP6857  We were the only ones at this site for the time being. IMGP6859  There used to be an Indian village here hundreds of years ago.
IMGP6861  It wasn't as dry then as it is now. IMGP6862  The excavated foundation of one of the buildings IMGP6864  The archeologists are piecing together the Indian lifestyle from the ruin placements. IMGP6865  We drove up to the view of Wheeler Peak-Nevada's 2nd highest mountain peak. IMG 1065  Wheeler Peak-the 2nd highest mountain in Nevada.
IMGP6869  On the way back down, we saw a lot of wild turkeys in the bush and on the road. IMGP6893  Saturday morning we did a bit more exploring in the area. IMGP6895  Let's zoom in on the spiral up there just below the cloud in the middle. IMGP6899  My little point and shoot camera does pretty well. IMGP6900  Let's look at the depression that could be a cave up there.
IMGP6901  It does kind of look like a cave. IMGP6902  But not so much now.  But I like the window. IMGP6903  So here is the pointless cattle guard. IMGP6904  See what I mean? IMGP6905  There were some picnic areas by the stream.
IMGP6908  I lilked the various rock formations. IMGP6910  A closer look IMGP6980  Here's something funky that we came across. IMGP6982  Someone stuck a horse skeleton in it. IMGP6983  I suppose someone thinks it's funny.
IMG 1128  A shrine to cowboys IMG 1130  and ranchers IMGP6991  Between Baker and Ely, there's a wind farm. IMGP6993  Kinda cool IMGP6995  They don't look that big from a distance, but they are huge.
IMGP6913  Great Basin National Park is home of Lehman Caves. IMGP6943  There are 3 tours you can take through the caves. IMGP6944  All the tours are are lead by park rangers. IMGP6945  The elevation at the cave entrance is 6,825ft (2080m). The temperature in the cave is a constant 50° F (10° C) year round so a light jacket is recommended. IMGP6946  Our ranger/tour guide has a lot of information about the caves.
IMG 1121  See, I was there. IMGP6949  Lehman Caves (a single cavern despite the name) extends a quarter-mile into the limestone and marble that flanks the base of the Snake Range. IMGP6951  Discovered about 1885 by Absalom Lehman, a rancher and miner, this cavern is one of the most profusely decorated caves in the region. IMGP6952  Lehman Caves has such familiar cave formations as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, flowstone and soda straws. IMGP6953  Water percolated downward from the surface, carrying with it small amounts of dissolved limestone (calcite). Drop by drop, over centuries, seemingly insignificant trickles deposited wonders of stone.
IMGP6954  Do you see the seahorse? IMGP6961  This formation is called Cave Bacon. IMG 1124  It's sort of see through when you shine a flashlight on it. IMGP6960  It looks even more like bacon. IMG 1117  These spaeleotherms are not comparable to those that fill the vast chambers of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico,
IMGP6962  but are still most attractive, on a smaller scale. IMG 1123  There are also some rarities such as shields, which consist of two roughly circular plates fastened together like fattened clam shells.... IMGP6963  often with graceful stalactites and draperies hanging from their lower plate. IMGP6964  This is a shield on it's side, so it looks like praying hands. IMGP6916  The real point of this trip was to visit with John's kids and grandkids.  We got Rick's brother and his girls as a bonus.
IMGP6915  Lila is now 1 1/2 years old. IMGP6918  Rick, aka Daddy. and Lila IMGP6920  Kelly and her big cousin IMGP6922  Kelly said she didn't remember us, but then she remembered John's camera and wanted to play with it. IMGP6924  Oh boy!
IMGP6923  Kelly took about a million pictures. IMGP6925  She gets a shot of Mom and sister, Lila.... IMG 1071  which from her vantage point, looks like this. IMGP6926  We take pictures of each other. IMG 1074  She did a good job on this one.
IMGP6931  I like this one of Kelly. IMGP6928  I got my own shot of Allison and Lila IMGP6932  Allison has a growth on the back of her head. IMG 1069  Lila and Daddy IMGP6936  Patrick and Lila.
IMGP6937  He's a good uncle. IMGP6938  I'm so cute IMGP6934  Lila and her binky IMGP6935  Another shot of Lila and her binky. IMGP6919  I want my binky!!!
IMGP6978  I don't like grass! IMGP6939  The Petty family IMGP6942  Another family photo IMG 1102 IMGP6966  Kelly checks out the telescope.
IMGP6967  I see you! IMGP6968  Grandpa and Lila IMGP6971  The cute pose IMGP6973  The serious pose IMGP6975  I got teeth!
IMGP6976  I can open it myself! IMGP6979  a That's all folks.