Echo Lakes Snowshoeing

Feb 2016
DSCN4235  On February 21, 2016, a group of us drove past Lake Tahoe to Echo Summit. 20160221 115510 resized  The destination was Echo Lakes. DSCN4179  Andy and Lee supervise as people put on their snowshoes. DSCN4180  Therisa poses with the buried truck. DSCN4181  Ya think?  Gloria poses with the road sign. DSCN4183  Heading down the trail.
DSCN4184  I pose by a huge snow bank. 20160221 114358 resized  Therisa also poses by the snow bank. DSCN4185  A view of Lake Tahoe from the trail DSCN4187  Another Lake Tahoe view past a snowy roof DSCN4188  Can you do hydroelectric in the snow? DSCN4189  Lee and Therisa making progress on the trail
DSCN4190  Looking down on the Echo Lake boat dock DSCN4191  The spillway DSCN4192  A closer look 20160221 120606 resized  I approach the dam where the others are waiting. DSCN4194  L to R: Gloria, Therisa, Jim, Courtney, Andy, Cynthia, Donna and Lee DSCN4195  Same people, Echo Lake in the background
DSCN4196  Lee, Cynthia, Donna, Andy, Courtney, Jim, Therisa and Gloria DSCN4197  Echo Lake DSCN4209  Let's go across it. 20160221 121803 resized  Lee takes a selfie 20160221 121657 resized  Courtney does too DSCN4201  Everybody is at it!
DSCN4202  Now they are paying attention DSCN4199  A view of the "shore". DSCN4203  Cynthia and Lee make a heart DSCN4204 DSCN4205  Cynthia is done, but Lee isn't DSCN4206  Voila!
DSCN4208  I added the arrow through it DSCN4210  Lee decides to make hill/snow art DSCN4211  There he goes! DSCN4212  It is steeper than he thought DSCN4213  Is this good? DSCN4214  I tell him where to turn
DSCN4215  Home stretch DSCN4216's another heart! DSCN4217  So proud! DSCN4218  A real beauty DSCN4219 DSCN4220  Heading back
DSCN4221  Being out in the middle was a little spooky DSCN4222  A lost snowshoe DSCN4223  A snowman DSCN4225  The trail is really a road in the summer. DSCN4226  Back at the truck, Andy shares beer with everyone. DSCN4227  And burgers too
DSCN4228  Hangin' out. wnere's the hackeysack? DSCN4229  Gloria, Andy and Therisa 20160221 152438 001 resized  A boulder fell onto the highway the night before 20160221 152519 resized  It came from here. DSCN4233  NDOT will try to break it up to remove it. 20160221 152735 resized  Or Therisa can push it out of the way.
DSCN4234  Or I can lift it and toss it away. 20160221 152854 resized  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.