Christmas 2016

IMGP6303  Barbara had a Christmas snowman tree IMGP6314  Wathcing the others open their gifts IMGP6306  Corey eyeing the gifts IMGP6307  Eva shows Addison some jewelry she got IMGP6308  Texting her friends. IMGP6312  Barbara got a portrait of her kitty
IMGP6327  Kitty looks down with approval at that choice 20161225 150806  Corey and John introduce Bentley to the portrait of himself IMGP6313  Donna got a Buttcracker shirt IMGP6316  Holy cow, look at all the chocolate!!! IMGP6324  Eva got earrings IMGP6319  And a kitty bar of soap
IMGP6320  Eva gave Donna this gigantic scarf IMGP6321  And some coffee mugs IMGP6328  Corey gets a special shirt from New Zealand IMGP6326  Barbara got dishtowels IMGP6334  Corey is opening his very large gift. IMGP6335  Whoa!
IMGP6336  Wow, a cool drone IMGP6344  It even has video capabilities IMGP6342  Seems to be his favorite gift IMGP6343  No more gifts IMGP6305  Barbara and Rocky start on dinner IMGP6309  Donna gets into the snacks
20161225 155938  Eva makes the yams 20161225 160728  Rocky barbequed the turkey 20161225 160753  As always, he is the master carver 20161225 161555  Dinner included ahi tuna 20161225 161154  Lots of salad, veggies and drinks 20161225 182517  You know what eating turkey does to you...
IMGP6376  Barbara says hi to her kitties IMGP6379  You talkin' to me???? IMGP6381  Family portrait time IMGP6382  Left to right: Eva, Corey, Bentley (the kitty) Rocky with Bentley's portrait, Addison, Cristine next to Addison, Me, John, Barbara and Porsche (the other kitty) IMGP6383  Another version with the same people and kitties IMGP6384  Hey, what's up?
IMGP6380  WE ARE!!!!! 20161226 111708  The morning of Dec 26th, John and I went hiking.  We started out here, but decided this isn't where we wanted to go 20161226 112425  The American River 20161226 113813  Thisi is where we wanted to go. It was right down and across the street from the first place. 20161226 114214  The beginning of the trail 20161226 115035  It's pretty flat
20161226 120650  And this is why we wanted to hike to the quarry 20161226 120722  John gets a shot of the sign 20161226 120849  He liked this old motor too. 20161226 121017  There were ruins from the quarry days 20161226 121133  Maybe it was from a bridge 20161226 125904  John is looking at how it's been modified for climbing
20161226 121258  Part of the mining operation 20161226 121404  The tunnel that lead to the mine 20161226 121431  The mine entrance which is gated to keep people out. 20161226 121707  This was part of the gate 20161226 121516  Inside the mine 20161226 121442  There were some big critters in these parts at one time.
20161226 121723  Looking back at the old tunnel 20161226 122433  This is what we came to see 20161226 122346  The rock climbing 20161226 122419  There were 3 or 4 climbing parties 20161226 122711  This was a big 40 lb Boston Terrier 20161226 124149  The cliff on the other side
20161226 123928  Around the corner we could see a cave 20161226 124044  John thinks slack lining is not allowed but they do it anyway 20161226 125144  It went from one cliff across to the other. 20161226 151826  After shopping for oranges ,we headed home.  Back to the land of ice and snow. 20161226 183613  Alex came over Monday night for dinner and opening presents.  We took this selfie 20161226 184811  My little tree and our gifts
DSCN5958  Blaze completes the picture DSCN5973  What did John get? 20161226 211703  Hans sent us beer mug pasta 20161226 213038  Alex got me a cat scarf DSCN5960  I got the face cleansing products I wanted. DSCN5963  John got some sharp horseradish from Germany
DSCN5964  He also got this cool camping water jug from our friends in New Zealand. DSCN5965  Hans sent Manner Schnitten.  This bag lasted about a day. DSCN5967  I got a beautiful ornament from New Zealand DSCN5968  Faster than a speeding bullet DSCN5969  What can I say? DSCN5970  What did Mom get me?
DSCN5971  Perfect! 20161226 191722  He now works a shift that starts at 4:30 in the morning and he is NOT a morning person. DSCN5972  Alex got John this t-shirt of the band called OM.  John really likes their music. DSCN5974  I got kitty goodies from New Zealand DSCN5975  And this really nice microfleece jacket from Hans in Germany DSCN5966  We got so many nice things.  Thanks!
DSCN5977  I got Alex this Burning Man art book that he wanted. imagejpeg 0  Merry Christmas!