Christmas 2013

DSC 2444  It's Christmas day at Grandmas in Carson City. DSC 2450  Barbara and Rocky brought their 2 kittems. brother and sister  Bentley and Porche. DSC 2456  Barbara holds Bentley. DSC 2460  He's a good boy. DSC 2461  His mommy loves him.
DSC 2462  These 2 lucky kitties got a good home. DSC 2452  Grandma holds Porsche. DSC 2447  John loves to have Barbara try ginger ales. DSC 2448  He loves the faces she makes. DSC 2453  Rocky prepares the ham.
DSC 2455  It's ready for the oven. DSC 2463  It's time to eat and Alex escorts Grandma to the buffet table. DSC 2470  Then the rest of us dug in. DSC 2464  Here's part of our Christmas dinner. DSC 2465  Some of the goodies were served from the stove.
DSC 2472  There was salmon for the non-ham eaters. DSC 2471  And about 1 million cookies for dessert. DSC 2473  Goofballs eating DSC 2474  Let's all make faces. DSC 2469  After slicing up my finger in the stick blender, I fainted and banged up my head.  Don't try this at home kids.
DSC 2475  We did our gift exchange after dinner. DSC 2476  Barbara played Santa DSC 2477  Her family had exchanged gifts back in CA already. DSC 2498  Everyone waits to see what the gifts are. DSC 2478  So who does this go to?
DSC 2480  I got a wind chime and kitty toilet paper holder. DSC 2479  I also got this wrap around scarf that Nicki is modeling. DSC 2484  John and I got a card from Mom with a check in it...for more than $5! DSC 2488  Alex got a book that he wanted. DSC 2489  What else did he get?
DSC 2490  It's an Alex Grey calendar. DSC 2491  It's Nicki's turn. DSC 2492  She got a special tea cup that she wanted. DSC 2493  John's gift was heavy. DSC 2494  That's because it was full of beer.
DSC 2495  He loves this Great Basin 20th anniversary edition. DSC 2496  They also have wassail. DSC 2500  Mom opens her gift from Tom, Dee and Shire. DSC 2501  What is dis? DSC 2502  It's an electronic clipboard-sort of like an Etch-a-sketch.
DSC 2503  She looks thrilled. DSC 2504  That's better DSC 2505  Oh boy..... DSC 2507  Just what I always wanted. DSC 2509  Nicki cleans houses and offices for a living while she is earning her degree.  This is some heavy duty hand cream.
DSC 2510  I hope it helps her hands. DSC 2511  One of John's favorite beers is from Stone Brewery.  They now make hot sauce too. DSC 2512  On the side it says "It's not too expensive, you're too cheap". DSC 2513  What's this? DSC 2514  Kitty stuff from Eva
DSC 2515  Eva gets a gift from me. DSC 2516  Perfumed lotion. DSC 2517  My whole family loves kitties. DSC 2519  John and I made some necklaces. DSC 2522  Nothing says Christmas cheer like cold hard cash.
DSC 2523  I found this cool beard book for Alex. DSC 2526  In case you didn't know what was growing on his face. DSC 2525  Guess who? DSC 2528  Guess again. DSC 2535  Eva gave this yummy smelling lotion she got in Tahiti
DSC 2544  I got a head scarf. DSC 2530  Hey, Santa got something too. DSC 2531  It's a tie dyed something! DSC 2532  It is really pretty. DSC 2534  Porsche wants to check it out.
DSC 2536  I gave John an autographed book by Temple Grandin from when I saw her speak in Reno. DSC 2552  Now it's time for the white elephant game. DSC 2537  Addison opens a gift. DSC 2539  It's a nice necklace. DSC 2540
DSC 2558  I got a suitcase, but Alex stole it. DSC 2541  Cristine is enjoying herself. DSC 2557  John plays with the kitty. DSC 2542  Alex sticks the kitty's head in his mouth. DSC 2548  She forgave him and let him hang out with her.
DSC 2551  Nice beardy! DSC 2569  Nicki, me and Alex in his Krampus sweater. DSC 2565  A closer shot DSC 2563  Hey Mom, look up. DSC 2564  That's better.
DSC 2571  Bentley with pillow DSC 2572  Bentley without the pillow DSC 2574  Back at my house, I had this little tree. DSC 2575  My friend from New Zealand sent me some ornaments. DSC 2576  Here's a little kiwi Santa ornament.
DSC 2578  She aslo sent some kitty socks, amoung other things.