Blueberries and Boulders

Blueberry picking, Squaw Valley Hike
DSCN4640  On June 18, 2016, Carol, Kathy, Therisa and i went to Apple Hill to pick blueberries. DSCN4641  We went to the Pine-O-Mine farm and they had berries to pick. DSCN4642  Carol scopes out the pickings. DSCN4643  The bushes were planted in rows, which was convenient. DSCN4644  Not all of them were ripe, DSCN4645  I picked 5 pounds worth.  They are cheaper at Costco, but it's all about the experience.
DSCN4647  We stopped at Bridleveil Falls on the way back DSCN4648  It was a really nice outing. DSCN4658  On June 19, 2016, Carol, Kathy, the dogs and I hiked from base camp to high camp at Squaw Valley. DSCN4659  If you hike to the top, you can take the tram back down for free. DSCN4660  The hike is on the Shirley Canyon Trail, a 2000 foot elevation gain. DSCN4661  And we're off.
DSCN4662  It starts out nice and shady. DSCN4664  And the stream is running full blast. DSCN4665  It looks refreshing. DSCN4666  Bigger waterfalls up ahead. DSCN4668  Quite picturesque DSCN4669  There are little falls above the big falls.
DSCN4672  Misha enjoys the cool water on her feet. DSCN4673  Another waterfall DSCN4676  The tram on it's way up. DSCN4677  It's a 4 mile hike. DSCN4678  Kathy and the 3 dogs: Zeus, Misha and Pixie. DSCN4679  Zeus in my lap and Pixie's butt.
DSCN4681  We go up the canyon and follow the waterfall trail. DSCN4682  Pretty DSCN4683  Gnarly roots DSCN4685  Pretty pinks and a rushing stream. DSCN4688  The canyon narrows. DSCN4689  The trail veers to the left of the stream.
DSCN4690  A few obsticles DSCN4692  I pose with the hollowed out tree. DSCN4693  Carol powers up the hill. DSCN4694  Carol and the dogs lead the way. DSCN4696  My selfie, but i didn't get the stream very well. DSCN4697  Ok, there it is, but out of focus.
DSCN4698  I think of ferns being in tropical places, not in the Sierra. DSCN4699  Kathy and Pixie DSCN4701  Misha was really scared to cross this log bridge. DSCN4702  But she managed with Carol's encouragement. DSCN4703  Some Sierra scenery DSCN4704  A closer shot of the waterfall
DSCN4705  It's starting to get more rocky, DSCN4707  You can sort of see the person in blue. DSCN4708  Carol and Kathy head up the granite mountain. DSCN4709  It makes for interesting hiking. DSCN4710  Some of it is a real scramble. DSCN4711  There is some snow melt up here too.
DSCN4712  Misha still likes the water on her feet. DSCN4713  The granite flattens out. DSCN4714  This looks like a glacier left the rock. DSCN4715  The dogs enjoy the patch of snow. DSCN4716  Zeus rolls in it. DSCN4717  Misha says "this rocks".
DSCN4719  Shirley Lake DSCN4721  It's mid June and there is still snow. DSCN4723  This is part of the ski resort. DSCN4725  The trail continues up. DSCN4726  Rugged country DSCN4728  We are headed up to where the ski lift is.
DSCN4729  We are getting high enough for some vistas and snow. DSCN4730  Granite bench DSCN4731  Another view of the bench DSCN4732  Getting closer to the ski lift. DSCN4733  The trail is now on the side of the mountain. DSCN4734  There was a trail race the weekend before, hence the red and yellow flags.
DSCN4735  We make up up to the high camp area. DSCN4736  We walk over to the high camp area, which is at 8200 feet in elevation. DSCN4739  Carol and the dogs head to the high camp area. DSCN4737  We could have driven up here, but what's the fun in that? DSCN4747  At high camp, the pool and bar are open for business. DSCN4742  Looks like there is a restaraunt too.
DSCN4743  There is a skating rink which is an ice skating ring in the winter. DSCN4744  This is where the 1960 Olympics were held. DSCN4745  There is a view of Lake Tahoe from the deck. DSCN4746  And the tram is coming to take us back down to base camp, which is 6200 feet. DSCN4748  Entering the tram DSCN4749  Lake Tahoe from the tram
DSCN4750  View from the front window of the tram. DSCN4751  The other tram on the way up. DSCN4752  Getting closer DSCN4753  Here's the view from the straight down part. DSCN4754  Back at base camp, they have an indoor climbing wall. DSCN4755  It's kind of ironic when you can go climb the regular mountains.