Andre and Amanda's Wedding

March 19, 2016
DSCN4260  Amanda and Andre's wedding in San Marcos, CA (north San Diego county) DSCN4253  The wedding venue DSCN4246  Because of the horrendous traffic in the I-5 corridor, we were about 10 minutes late. It took 2.5 hours to go 50 miles. DSCN4243  So the wedding had already started. DSC 4770  And we missed the procession. DSC 4766  At least I had my telephoto lens with me.
DSC 4771  Amanda's beautiful wedding gown. DSC 4777  It was a nice ceremony. DSC 4783  Ok, time for the vows. DSC 4784  Will you....... DSC 4786  A few chuckles DSC 4788  Her turn...
DSC 4789  With this ring... DSC 4790  Her turn DSC 4792  He leads a final prayer DSC 4791  I now pronounce you.... DSC 4794  You may now kiss the bride DSC 4795  Whooo Hooo!
DSC 4797  Not the best shot but it's all I could get. DSC 4798  The parents of the bride and two brothers. DSC 4799  Therisa (groom's mom) in her $13 dress. DSCN4251  The venue was really cute.  It included this 1800s school house DSCN4249  and a fountain. DSCN4245  There were furniture and photos of the kids all over the place.
DSC 4768  A closer shot DSCN4250 DSCN4285  More cute stuff DSCN4252  The entrance to the school house DSCN4267  Another of the buildings on the property DSCN4254  The wedding party inside the school house.  Mom and son hug.
DSCN4255  A proud moment DSCN4256  His ring.  I never saw hers. DSCN4257  The happy couple DSCN4258 DSCN4247  Cousins-Corey, Addison and Kimmie DSCN4263  Nina and Mark (Andre's sister and uncle)
DSCN4264  Nina's boys, Dominique and Devin. DSCN4266  The bar DSCN4268  Another fountain DSCN4270  Looks like they got a good haul. DSCN4269  And I'm glad the envelopes were in a locked birdcage. DSCN4271  Cuz I'm happy......
DSCN4276  Wedding party photo time DSCN4289  Ok now it's family photo time DSCN4290  Tom and then us girls in age order.  Eva, Donna Barbara and Therisa.  Of course I'm the most beautiful one. DSCN4272  Me and Alex (my son) DSCN4274  Me and Alex again DSCN4273  Awww, my boy.
DSCN4278  Tom's girls...Dee, Shire and Kimmie DSCN4280  Tom and his lovely family DSCN4281  Alex, Eva and her girls, Valeri and Cristine DSCN4282  Ta da! DSCN4283  Rocky and Barbara DSCN4284  Rocky, Barbara and Alex photo bombng
cousins grp  And now for the Goofball Express DSCN4292  Cousins DSCN4293  Top row: Kimmie, Addison and Valeri Bottom row: Shire, Corey, Alex and Cristine DSCN4294  Corey and Alex DSCN4295  Ok then DSCN4296  Same people except Nina and Devin standing on the left
DSCN4297  And now add Dominique DSCN4298  They are having fun DSCN4299  Check this out! DSCN4275  Alex takes a photo for these random people. DSCN4300  The wedding couple get the professional shots done. DSC 4773  The DJ set up for the reception
DSCN4261  The reception tent DSCN4262  With the dance floor DSCN4301  Nice place setting DSCN4302  There were giant Hershey's kisses in these boxes. DSC 4817  I think there were almonds inside the chocolates DSCN4308  The menu, except a lot of my family got a vegetarian option.
DSCN4303  They had assigned seating and the (v) is for vegetarian. DSCN4304  The wedding party on their way to the reception. DSCN4305  Come on, I'm hungry! DSCN4306 DSCN4307  Boogey on down. DSCN4318  The first dance
DSC 4803  Mother/son dance DSC 4806  It started as a slow dance. DSC 4810  Then picked up the pace with an Earth, Wind and Fire song. DSC 4812  Then everybody danced DSC 4856  Even me DSC 4857  I danced with Eva.
DSC 4813  Go Amanda go DSC 4814  They had some fun slides playing while people danced. DSC 4819  The girls boogey down. DSC 4831 DSC 4820  Yeah baby DSC 4821  Oh man, I'm getting tired
DSC 4823  But having a lot of fun DSCN4315  Therisa dances with Devin DSCN4323  There was even a line dance type thing DSC 4824  Andre is telling Therisa about the honeymoon to Bermuda coming up. DSCN4313  The wedding cake DSCN4312  Other sweets to go with the wedding cake
DSC 4840  Cake cutting time. DSC 4841  Team work DSC 4843  The deed is done DSC 4846  Chocolate, yum DSC 4847  It was good DSC 4848  What!  There's chocolate cake??
DSC 4851  Did you say chocolate???? DSC 4849  Yep and vanilla frosting DSC 4852  Addison and Kimmie in the background DSC 4862  The happy couple DSCN4309  Me, John and Valeri DSCN4310  Eva, Cristine and Barbara
DSCN4311  Barbara and Rocky DSCN4314  Dominique and Devin with Andre and Amanda DSCN4316  Amanda and Andre with Nina and her boys DSCN4326  The next morning, eleven of us went to Beach Board Cafe in Oceanside for breakfast. DSCN4327  Alex's friend, Marty and his girlfriend, Deanna joined us. DSCN4328  The motley crew
DSCN4330  The breakfasts were huge DSCN4331  John had this omlette DSCN4332  I had this banana french toast. DSCN4333  We were only a few blocks from the ocean, so we went to see it. DSCN4334  A nice stairway to the beach DSCN4337  Or for a nice view