Alaska Part 1

We arrived in Anchorage on July 1st, 2015.
IMG 3821  We went to Alaska to visit our friends, Chris and Molly. DSCN2236  They moved to Anchorage a year ago. DSCN2237  It's on a cul de sac.  The fiberglass trailer is a CJ. DSCN2241  The living room DSCN2238  The family room DSCN2239  A part of the kitchen
DSCN2240  Looking out toward the back yard from the kitchen sink. DSCN2242  Dining room DSCN2243  BIG back yard with shed DSCN2244  Back of the house DSCN1785  They both work at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. DSCN1786  Chris is the head honcho of the events center on campus.
DSCN1787  It's brand new and very swanky. DSCN1791  It is state of the art. DSCN1790  Chris is also booking concerts to play here, such as Motley Crue. DSCN1789  There is a restaurant that overlooks the stadium area. DSCN1793  We went out to eat at Bear Tooth restaurant. DSCN1794  It's a nice place.
DSCN1795  Part of the building houses a theater where they bring food to you. DSCN1796  They had some interesting posters on the walls. DSCN1797  This one is sort of scary. DSCN1798  Not sure if the rainbow has meaning, if you know what I mean. DSCN1799  Welcome back to the 70s art. DSCN1800  Waiting for dinner.
DSCN1803  Our next stop was Chilkoot Charlies. DSCN1804  Their motto is "We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to YOU!" DSCN1817  It's even on their t-shirts. DSCN1805  It's basically a building full of bars, like 10 of them.  This one was empty. DSCN1806  This one is a replica of a bar called the Birdhouse.  The original burnt down and was outside of Anchorage. DSCN1810  Besides underwear on the walls and ceilings, they had these awards.
DSCN1811  The floor and the bar are slanted, but in different directions. DSCN1813  The "decore" DSCN1808  Molly and Chris DSCN1812  Molly and Chris with beers and I had a shot of Fireball. DSCN1816  The bartenders tell jokes, do magic tricks and have baudy props. DSCN1832  The next day we headed north.  Our first stop was Talkeetna.
DSCN1819  It's the jumping off place for people who want to climb Mt. McKinley (aka Denali).  It's also a tourist town. DSCN1834  Of course we had to go to the brewery for lunch. DSCN1820  John loved sampling all the beers. DSCN1821  A toast.  I had water.  Beer is not my thing. DSCN1825  This is a pretend shot. DSCN1826  Love their coasters
DSCN1827  On the flip side DSCN1828  Inside the brewery restaurant. DSCN1830  At the bar DSCN1829  Lovely flowers DSCN1831  Fireweed, which grows wild in Alaska DSCN1833  The population of the town is 800.
DSCN1835  The mayor is a cat named Stubbs (due to his lack of a tail). DSCN1836  The townspeople didn't like the human mayoral candidates, so Stubbs won as a write in candidate. DSCN1837  Stubbs has been mayor of Talkeetna ever since 1997. DSCN1839  Cool moose DSCN1840  No lack of eateries here. DSCN1841  Molly needed a coffee to get warm.
DSCN1842  Aren't they colorful! DSCN1843  And Molly makes 3.