Alabama Hills Feb 2015

DSC 4459  We are back in the Alabama Hills which are a gateway to Mt. Whitney. DSC 4457  Mt. Whitney to the right and Keeler Needle is just to the left of it. DSC 4455  Some of the boulders of Alabama Hills, including the sharks fin. DSC 4460  An even closer look at Mt. Whitney. DSC 4466  And a closer look at the sharks fin.
DSCN1370  We camped at Tuttle Creek campground again. IMG 3094  Since it was President's Day weekend, there was no charge. DSCN1380  We camped with Brian and Laurie, who brought a tent. IMG 3090  Brian is eating his breakfast. IMG 3086  Laurie and I hang out in the Burro where it's warmer.
DSCN1291  Brian and Lauri brought their Dachshund, Max. DSCN1275  It's a chilly morning and I take a picture of John taking a picture. DSCN1309  We both found this little cactus plant interesting as a photo subject. DSCN1311  Looking at it with boulders and the Sierra in the background. DSCN1312  Looking at it facing a different direction
IMG 3109  This is John's artsy shot. DSCN1287  The worn down boulders are so interesting in this area. DSCN1286  Some almost look like tree roots. DSCN1288  Crashing boulders near the sharks fin DSCN1289  Brian and John decide to do the 4 routes on the sharks fin.
DSCN1314  John gets a leg up on one of the climbs on the shark's fin. DSCN1316  He chimney's up the rock. DSCN1317  Then steps over to the climb. DSCN1318  He leads this route which means he took the rope with him and hooked the quick draws into the bolts. DSCN1319  As he was climbing, a plane flew over.
DSC 4483  On his way to the top. DSC 4500  Watch your step! DSC 4494  He made it to the top and is on his way down. DSC 4496  Rappeling down DSCN1294
DSCN1261  Laurie entertains Max by throwing a ball for him. DSCN1322  She didn't come with us this morning but we found a leftover ball and I threw it for Max to fetch. DSCN1295  Briam climbs up to the nose. DSCN1354  It warms up nicely, so it's time for shorts and t-shirts. DSCN1358  John is 1/2 way up.
DSCN1362  Almost to the top. DSCN1381  Brian takes a break with Max. IMG 3080  John took a photo of Max and you can see his reflection in Max's eye. DSCN1382  On Monday morning. all 4 of us did a little exploring. DSCN1384  We found a marker dedicated to a movie made here.
DSCN1386  I pose with the marker. DSCN1385  Many movies were made in the general aream but this one has it's own plaque. DSCN1383  So if you rent Gunga Din, see if you recognize this scene. DSCN1387  There's a lot of this kind of look here too. DSCN1399  Here's an interesting rock formation.
DSCN1400  A closer look DSCN1257  Since Brian and John came to climb, we hike to more climbing places. DSCN1394  We found a series of "hallways" like this. DSCN1403  Brian belays John from one row over. DSCN1401  Then Brian heads up too.
DSCN1397  Laurie, Max and I scrambled up rocks while they were climbing. IMG 3082  Here's one of the views John had while climbing. IMG 3084  Another view from on high IMG 3115  We had an awesome sunset. IMG 3123  John took this classic shot with the Burro.
DSCN1375  I like photos without signs of humans. DSC 4509  The Sierra at sunset.  Hope you liked the show.